By and for Artists

A Benefit Auction to Support Artists In Haiti

Under the auspices of La Maison des Artistes in conjunction with Collectif 2004
(Non-profit Organization for the Advancement of Haitian Culture), an
auction of s that you, we and artists the world over donate, will be held of in early
June 2010 at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris, France.

All funds raised from the auction will be used to improve the living conditions of
artists in Haiti and to restore their resources as well as contibute to future artistic
development in the country.

How to Support and Pariticipate in this Operation

Your participation is greatly appreciated and we cordially invite you to join our
endeavor by donating one of your s for the upcoming auction (all media except
volume, accepted).
Art works submitted may measure up to 50 cm x 65 cm in size, maximum.
Please have your donation shipped to the following address on or before the 31st
of March 2010 in order for it to be featured in the 5,000-piece auction catalogue to
be published for this event:

La Maison des Artistes
Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild
Haiti Action Artists
11 rue Berryer
75008 Paris FRANCE
Telephone: + 33 (0) 1 42 25 06 53

Do provide us with a photo of your art work in 300 dpi, JPEG format with A4
dimensions to:


Remy Aron, Painter – President of La Maison des Artistes
Elodie Barthelemy, Painter – Co-Founder of Collective 2004 images

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